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Barona Relocation is a Nordic relocation agency aiming to make work life better.

We’re committed to supporting businesses in recognizing the greatest factor in their success: people.

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Skillful and motivated people are the most important asset in a business. Our recipe for successful relocation consists of a combination of both the correct skillset and modern technology. We believe that relocation is a key competitive advantage for modern and responsible employers.

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Our service packages aim to fit each unique relocation case. The core of each package focuses on the required paperwork. The right set of settling services ensures that all practicalities are addressed, and defines the overall relocation experience.
Our price calculator provides an estimate of the relocation service fee. However, each case is unique and before starting the process, our specialists will make sure that you order exactly what the situation requires.

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Our approach is personal, proactive and hands-on. We aim to relieve you from the work and responsibility that you trust us with. We're not afraid to walk the extra mile to get the job done!

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We customize each order to fit the unique situation. Your HR can count on our advice to determine which package is best for your employee.

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Kick-off Call

A Relocation consultant is assigned to each case. We like to start with a kick-off call to explain what we do and agree on the next steps.

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We maintain close contact and guide your employee through all the steps until the process is complete.

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Communication is essential for our customer experience. We are always there to answer all questions your HR team or your employee may have in mind.


Whether you need advice on where to start, ask for an offer, give feedback or say thanks, don’t hesitate to contact us!