Barona Relocation is a Nordic relocation agency, taking its key role to make work life even better.

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We are a relocation agency committed to making work life better. In today's mobile working world, moving to another country is the new norm. Even so, it's a great moment of change on an individual level. How that transition is supported is a calling card for employers, and our job is to make this experience as seamless and comfortable as possible. 

Currently, our homebase is in Helsinki, and our operations are rapidly increasing their footprint within the entire Nordic area. 

Our recipe for successful relocation consists of a unique combination of skills and modern technology. This way we're able to provide an inclusive process regardless of location.

Our team consists of recruitment, employment and accommodation experts who all further specialise on the practicalities of cross-border relocation. 

Our service was originally founded almost 10 years ago when Barona, the leading HR service company in Finland, and Forenom, the leading Nordic business accommodation agency, pooled their skills and resources together to provide a better and more comprehensive service. 

We are part of Barona and Bravedo. We collaborate closely with other Barona  and Bravedo companies in order to continuously serve our clients in new ways and to grow into an influential player in the Nordic relocation market. 


Our philosophy

As new types and fields of work are emerging, others are fading into history. Traveling, remote work and relocation are now the status quo. Relocation is all about helping your employees move, settle and start work seamlessly, thus enabling your business to grow. 

We believe that well-integrated professional immigrants strengthen and enrich our society. We are entrusted to be their first contact in the Nordics, to show them the ropes of our system and, most importantly, make them feel welcome and at home. 

We take our mission one step further and also aim to facilitate the integration of their families. We believe that this contributes to retaining valuable talent and the long-term well-being of our Nordic society.

Our values


Together we work to promote an equal and ethical working life. We encourage transparent operations that support diversity and honor differences. In our eyes, everyone deserves to find his or her own place in working life. We are not afraid to take up difficult matters when necessary. We encourage everyone to do responsible actions and find time to each other to do that little effort that can make quite a big difference to someone else. People of Barona are known for their responsible actions in working life.



We encourage experiments and rolling up one’s sleeves without the fear of mistakes. We are pioneers rather than followers. We set ambitious goals and create a happier and fairer working life through them. We respect those who take responsibility, the ones who spontaneously and creatively start developing something new (by utilizing their strengths).



We give people the freedom to be exactly who they are and to work in their preferred ways by following the principles we have set together.

With us, people do not have to hide any aspects of their lives, not a religion, not a hobby or the ones they love. We believe in people and the working life designed by them. 


Working together

We create happier working life by working together. We share our competences and expertise with our colleagues, employees and customers. We respect each other’s opinions and strive to find the best solutions together. We make visible, and celebrate the achievements we have accomplished together.


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