Helsinki – a perfect city for work-life balance

Do you sometimes feel like the world is so huge and so small at the same time? You never know whom you can meet anywhere anytime, right?

This is especially valid for Helsinki in Finland - the relatively compact capital in a compact country. As a Relocation Manager, I get to meet a lot of new people, who are just moving to the city. I love my job and especially the times when I encounter a happy and well-settled customer.

One of these encounters happened on the last day of the summer. The weather was surprisingly generous and really summery. Often the Finnish summer is notorious for being short and not warm enough, so it may often not feel like a summer at all according to some.

Just this week I had guests visiting me over the weekend. We decided to visit The Worker Housing Museum in Helsinki. The museum is open only during the summer season due to a lack of heating systems and we wanted to visit it for one or two years, but never found a warm enough day. Finally, our schedule and all other conditions met… Yay!

When entering the museum, the receptionist offered that we join an English speaking guided tour, which had just has started. Sure, with pleasure!

We entered the room and joined the tour group that consisted of only 2 other people. And BOOM! Two smiley faces turning to me – two lovely clients, whom I helped to relocate almost a year ago. This was a totally unexpected encounter. It was wonderful to see how excited they were to meet again. During the museum tour breaks we started to talk about their life in Helsinki, how things are at the moment and how they had found Finland.

Andrey and Marina arrived in Finland as a couple. They both are IT Specialists. Andrey got a permanent work contract in Helsinki and Marina followed him in order to continue family life together and look for a job opportunity herself. The relocation service we did for them was the so-called “survival kit”: the residence permit applications, all the necessary local registrations upon arrival and a rental apartment search.

10 months later Andrey is still working in the same company and feels happy in his new work environment. Marina also managed to settle. After a while she found job in Helsinki too. They both like being in Finland and actively spend their free time traveling around Finland, visiting museums and spending time outside in forests and on the lakes.


«We did not pay a lot of attention on how lucky we were having Tatiana as a Relocation Consultant. But after a few stories from our friends who had moved to Helsinki after us and had a lot of problems and delays we realized how easy and comfortable was the paper process and renting an apartment with her help. Especially in December when all the things usually move very slow. 

Within our first day in the city we registered in the magistrate, Kela, Vero and visited the apartment that we later rented. During the next couple of days we opened a bank account and applied for Finnish identity card. We also got a lot of useful tips from Tatiana on our way around town. For example, thanks for Tatiana’s advice, Marina avoided a lot of extra paper work and speeded up her application for language courses with the Finnish TE Employment office.

After these 10 months we are happy to live in Helsinki. It is very green, lovely and cozy city with nice architecture, a lot of parks and sea around. This city is perfect for work-life balance. The weather is much better than it is mentioned in different reviews and we have a lot of fun outside during the weekends and evenings after work. There are also a lot of interesting destinations near Helsinki, so we can spend weekends actively.»

So, this is Helsinki – you never know what or whom is awaiting you around the corner. But such unexpectedAndrey&Marina Smartly encounters make your day and leave you inspired to keep growing and developing at your work.


Relocation is not easy, but I am so proud of each and every one of our success stories and the faces of happy customers, who are brave enough to change their lives in a big way, move to Finland to settle and enjoy life in the county of 187 888 lakes. 😊

How about you? Are you ready for this leap? If you have questions, don’t hesitate – ask away from Tatiana!

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