Preparing yourself for the first month in Finland

Congratulations, you are moving to the happiest country in the world! So, let´s make sure you have a good start here. 😊

Finally, you received your residence permit, packed your bags and are ready to board the flight to your “new” life.

You know, you will shortly have Santa as your “neighbor”, so what could possibly go wrong???

Hold on a second and read our tips on how to prepare for the first days in Finland. They might be a bit more challenging than you have expected.

You can download our checklist here.

1. Paperwork

Be mindful that you have all the required documents ready and at hand. Don´t forget that family related papers need to be legalized!

In Finland you will have to show the original documents along with their translation (by an official translator). Please don´t leave the originals behind.

Click here an important checklist of the necessary paperwork when moving permanently to Finland.


2. Money, money, money…

Depending on the status of your residence permit process and the country you are departing from, it can take up to a few weeks until you have a fully working bank account in Finland.

Many companies have payroll deadlines, so it is possible that you miss the first months deadline. If possible, make sure you have enough money available to get through one or two months.

Also we recommend you reserve a sum for rental deposit, furniture and possibly warm winter clothes.


3. Talking about clothes…

Be prepared for the Finnish weather. If you are moving from a more southern country, Finnish weather can surprise you. Don´t worry there is the right clothing for every temperature.

In Finland there is no bad weather there is only bad clothing 😉!

Be mindful of the season you are arriving in and make sure to prepare for it. If you are unsure on how to dress for Finnish weather check out this video.


4. Getting around

We have one of the best public transports systems in the world in Finland and Helsinki is exceptionally good. Thanks to a great app it´s easy to get from place A to B on time for everyone. Make sure you download the HSL app to your phone. You can get very detailed information on how to reach your destination and you can buy a ticket (for one person) with the app.


5. Language

Finland´s capital area it´s easy to get around without speaking the local language. Practically everyone speaks English and customer service is easy to handle in English.

You might be surprised to find that on the street all the street signs are in Finnish and Swedish. Google Maps works really well along side the HSL App to get around. You can also download a translation program to your phone and check if it works even when no network is available. There is free WiFi in most stores, cafes, libraries and in Helsinki City serviced areas.


6. Patience

Last but not least, be patient. Some things may take longer than you expected. In particular for family members, registrations can take time.


And while you wait, get to know your new country of choice and steam away the stress in one of the many Saunas around. To fit in and be a real Finn, don´t forget your sauna hat or “Saunahattu”.

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