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I have signed a work contract with the Finnish company. How fast can I get a residence permit?

The permit processing times depend on the authorities and may vary. It is important to fill out the residence permit application timely, carefully and attach all required documents correctly. The processing time starts only when the applicant has visited a Finnish mission or VFS Application Centre for authentication. Note that decisions on permits are granted by authorities on an individual basis.


Can I bring my family along to Finland based on my work contract in Finland? 

Your immediate family members can apply for a residence permit based on family ties. There are certain conditions that apply and the permit decisions are made on a case-by-case basis. 


I am coming to Finland from another EU country. Do I need to follow some formalities after my arrival?

Yes, you need to register your right of residence at the Finnish Immigration Services, if you stay in Finland for longer than three months. 


I am moving to Finland from outside of EU and I have heard that I should register myself at local register office,”Maistraatti”?

Yes, you need to visit a local register office in person even if you have been issued the personal identity code prior to your arrival in Finland. 

The type of registration in the local register office depends on the duration of stay in Finland, whether you move to Finland temporarily or permanently. It also depends on your residence permit type and country of origin (if you come from the EU or from outside of the EU).


How is the tax percentage calculated in Finland? What is progressive tax? What other social contributions are deducted from my salary?

There is progressive taxation in Finland. This means that your tax treatment depends on your income – the more you earn, the more tax you pay during the calendar year. 

In addition to the tax payment, employee needs to contribute from their gross salary compulsory social security contributions. Employer will withhold these payments directly from the cross salary at the time of salary payment. In year 2019 these deductions are 8,25% (if the employee is less than 53 years old).

You can estimate your tax payment by using the tax calculator:


I am moving to Finland and wish to rent an apartment right away. Is this possible?

Renting an apartment in Finland before you arrive is very challenging. Many of the rental companies require a personal identity code to even allow viewings. The accommodation rental market, especially in the capital area, is very dynamic and requires quick decisions. Many of our clients have also valued the opportunity to see in person the apartment and area before making the final choice.


I am moving to Finland and I wish not to stay at a hotel. What other options do I have?

Our clients have often opted for a furnished temporary accommodation. It is a more cost efficient and homey solution for the first weeks of the stay. We partner closely with Forenom, a temporary accommodation solutions provider with extensive offering all over the Nordic countries.


I would like to find a permanent home, since I am staying currently at temporary place? Can you help me in this?

Yes, we offer a rental apartment search service. Rental search requires many aspects to consider - location, budget, work location, school/daycare location, etc. We also provide assistance with aspects like tenancy agreement, home insurance, electricity and other utility contracts etc. 


What is the average rent of apartment in Finland? 

Rent of the apartment depends for example on the city and the location within the city (e.g. city center rents are normally higher), size, access to public transportation and the current rental market availability. For example one bedroom monthly rent in Helsinki region may vary between 800 to 2000 Euro/month.


How much do utilities like electricity and water cost? 

In Finland the water consumption is mostly charged on a monthly basis and this fixed water fee is counted per person living in the apartment and often payable top of the rent. The Electricity price is based on the basic fee and then of consumption. Often the fixed term agreements are cheaper in terms of basic fee and consumption fees. For example the total additional cost for utilities for two people could be around 100 Euro/month. But the final cost depends always on an individual consumption. 


Do I need to prepare any down-payment when renting an apartment in Finland?

Yes, depending on the rental apartment agency or the private landlord, a down payment is required as deposit to cover eventual damages. It varies between one to two months worth of rent. The tenant is responsible for making a home insurance contract for the duration of the rental agreement.


Who is responsible to purchase home insurance when renting an apartment in Finland?

In Finland, the tenant is responsible to purchase home insurance for the duration of the rental agreement.


Are rental apartments in Finland furnished?

Most of the rental apartments in Finland are unfurnished, however there are also furnished options available. Some companies, like Forenom, offer furnished and serviced apartments that are available for flexible terms.


What is the length of rental apartment agreements in Finland?

Most of the rental apartment agreements require at least a one year commitment and this applies especially for private owners. 


Where do you provide your services? Where do you operate?

In addition to the Helsinki capital area, we also have extensive relocation network in Finland and throughout the Nordic countries.


Can you assist private individuals or corporate customers only? 

Yes, we are pleased to offer services to individuals as well. 


I have a daughter and I would like to find her a suitable school. How to proceed?

In Finland, the  majority of schools are public and the teaching is mostly in Finnish or Swedish. The availability of international and English teaching schools is very limited and thus getting a spot in them may be a challenge. If you plan to reside in Finland for a few years or permanently, consider a preparatory class for the first one or two years. The preparatory classes are offered in public schools. They aim to prepare your child by teaching Finnish language. This aids your child’s integration in the local education system. 


My wife will also be moving to Finland. Can you support her in finding the job and with other required formalities?

Looking for a job in Finland may be a challenge. We always recommend investing in studying the local language as it aids your family’s integration. Depending on the sponsor’s work contract, the spouse may be eligible for the Employment Office (TE) services. They include registration in the Employment Office, mapping of possible career options and support in studying the Finnish language. 


Our company has decided to start recruiting talent from abroad. What are the most critical aspects to consider when recruiting talents?

Competition for the best talents is tough. In addition to competing with other potential employers, you also compete with countries and living standard in them. A great relocation process is a key sales card for cross-border recruiters. Many candidates won't even consider a position abroad, if relocation support isn't provided. There are also certain details regarding the employment contract and salary that need to be taken into account. Contact our sales team to get a free consultation on this issue.


The  relocation packages you offer on your website are great, but I still have additional requirements? How can I order them? 

We offer a set of packages based on our clients’ needs. As each case is unique, we always make sure that the ordered service package is exactly what is needed. Talk to our sales team to get a more precise offer.


When should I start planning the relocation process?

Start planning the relocation process early. We recommend starting even before you start the recruitment. Often applicants ask a number of relocation related questions during the interviews and having well-planned answers may be crucial to close the hire. 


Whether you need advice on where to start, ask for an offer, give feedback or say thanks, don’t hesitate to contact us!