Investing in employees is crucial for the success of any company. Committing to helping your new talent settle in a new working environment is even more crucial. We offer a flexible and transparent pricing model to support your overall relocation cost planning.

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Budget the Relocation Process

Smart budgeting prevents unpleasant surprises. When planning the budget you need to allocate for the relocation process, we recommend you include the following:

  • permit and other authority fees
  • flight and other travel costs
  • accommodation budget
  • moving costs 
  • resource costs, if using an internal resource
  • supplier fees, if you choose to use a relocation service partner 

Outsourcing relocation makes the process more cost-effective and low-risk for your business. Our price calculator provides an estimate of the relocation service fee. However, each case is unique and before starting the process, our specialists will make sure that you order exactly what the situation requires.